Arsenal Emirates Stadium tour (photos Wallpaper)

Arsenal Emirates Stadium, London, Arsenal Emirates Stadium, London

During my one week holiday in London, I have made it to the Arsenal Emirates Stadium Tour and it was simply awesome. Whether you like soccer or not you will most likely enjoy this tour. The stadium was really beautiful and definitely worth a visit. The tour guide was also excellent and made the tour […]

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Jazz and hip-hop dance lessons and workshops – En Dance studio Shibuya Tokyo

En Dance Studio Shibuya

Recently, I had the opportunity to take a hip-hop lesson and a workshop in Tokyo (going to Tokyo as a tourist). In this post I will talk about this great experience in Tokyo as I think that many hip-hop (or jazz and house) dancers who visit Tokyo are not aware of that. First, I will […]

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Japan Things To Do in Tokyo: Asakusa Senso-ji Temple

Another artistic view of Asakusa temple

This post is part of the “things that you can do” list during two weeks travel in Tokyo. In the previous post, Akihabara Electric Town (day 1) was suggested as the first thing to do in Tokyo for a truly geeky experience. In the second day, temples, river cruise and panoramic view from an observatory will be […]

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Japan Things To Do in Tokyo: Akihabara Electric Town

Building with Fancy Style

Akihabara Electric Town  (also known as Akiba) is suggested as the first thing to do in Tokyo for a truly geeky experience.   Akihabara is the world largest electronic goods center. It has also several manga and anime goods. Besides the big department stores, Akiba has also many small shops full of electronic gadgets and […]

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Review – London to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford with Evan Evans Tour – Part 2

Oxford British traditional architecture

This page is the second part of my review of Evan Evans tour from London to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford. In the first part I talked about the Windsor Castle. In this second part of the review I will talk about the rest of the Evan Evans tour in Stonehenge and Oxford. After the Windsor Castle, […]

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Review – London to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford with Evan Evans Tour – Part 1

Hanging out in the Long Walk in front of the Windsor Castle

This review of the Evan Evans Tour 65 for Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Oxford will be divided in two parts: Page 1 about The Windsor Castle and page 2 about Stonehenge and Oxford . There is many other companies that organize a similar tour but I decided to go for Evan Evans as one of my […]

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From Montreux Riviera To Chillon Castle: Guided Walking Tour

Les Dents du Midi behind Chillon Castle and Lake Geneva

Montreux is definitely one of the best Swiss riviera and known as the pearl of the Swiss riviera. Many tourists visit this city. It is gorgeous and wonderful. Every summer (July) it celebrates Montreux Jazz Festival, one of the most famous festival in Switzerland. Norah Jones performed there in 2010 edition, Sting in 2011, Amy […]

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Switzerland – Interlaken Downtown, Harder Kulm and Lake Brienz: Things to do

View from Interlaken Harder Kulm

Finally, I made it to Interlaken, took the train from Lausanne to Bern and then to Interlaken Ost. From Lausanne to Bern,  the train goes on top of a hill and you will have on the right side a panoramic view over the whole Leman lake with huge Alps mountains behind. In some part you […]

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Sunset time in Hammamet, Tunisia

Hammamet Beach, Tunisia

Hammamet (Governorate of Nabeul ) is one of the most touristic places in Tunisia for its beautiful sandy beaches. There is north Hammamet (old city) and south Hammamet (modern part, called Yasmine Hammamet, Yasmine=Jasmine). In Hammamet, there is beautiful sandy beaches, the Medina, hotels, open-air golf course, theme parks (Carthageland), etc. Hammamet is very crowded with tourists […]

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Visiting San Francisco California Things to do in 1 day

The Golden Gate, San Francisco

Are you planning a trip to San Francisco, then this free self guided walking tour full day is for you ! If you are coming from the Silicon Valley, then you can reach San Francisco through the Caltrain San Francisco Station (you will be in the south east part of San Francisco). By the way, […]

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